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Bionic Ariel Bug Conciseness - Agent


*concept drawing


*Not sold to private individuals

5 000 €

The dragonfly-shaped drone is designed for espionage and tracking. It's quieter and more agile than quadcopters since it's an ornithopter.

The drone contains four motors, one for each wing, enabling precise control. This allows the drone to fly backwards, hover, and conduct quick rotations, making it ideal for gathering intelligence and monitoring targets without detection.

The drone has high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging sensors for real-time video and data feeds, in addition to its excellent flying abilities.  It can also implant tiny tracking chips, enabling for long-term tracking of targets and objects of interest.

The drone's compact size and low weight make it easy to transport and deploy in a range of locations, despite its superior capabilities. Its dragonfly-like appearance also allows it to blend in with its natural surroundings, making it harder for potential targets to identify and track.


With its superior flight skills and cutting-edge technology, this little drone is a very useful instrument for surveillance, monitoring, and retrieval of information.


Stable navigation

Live video surveillance

Infrared camera

5 BABC-A per case

GPS live point placement

5-10km range

Up to 1 hour missions

*We do not intend to work with, create or supply any type of explosives

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